BootCamp Circuits



Bootcamp sessions are conducted as a group (Troop) and designed to work every muscle group in the body. The Functional Fitness full body integration circuit consists of a Warm-Up, Dynamic Stretches, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Bodyweight Exercises, Resistance Training, Freeweights, Plyometric Exercises, Team Game, Cool-Down then Static Stretches.

Each component of the Bootcamp is specifically structured to help you push yourself as an individual (mentally & physically) and also teaches you to work as a team during the "Pays To Be A Winner" Team Game.

Every Bootcamp session is different, utilising various different pieces of equipment and numerous exercises to challenge you each and every time. Therefore repetitiveness and predictable workout routines are never a concern, consistently keeping you and your body guessing and making sure you do not hit a plateau and continue progressing with your personal goal(s).

Whether your goal is Weight Loss, Decreased Body-Fat, Increased Strength, Lean Muscle, Speed & Power, Improved Agility, Mobility, Flexibilty, Coordination, Core Stability or Cardiovascular Endurance, it's all covered. Functional Fitness/Training also helps in the prevention of injuries, increasing Bone Density, Joint Strength and aids you in everyday tasks. You will learn how to use your own body as a fitness tool and stimulate all the muscles within it.