Lee Armstrong -

I've been attending A Unique Physique for just under a year now, utilising the boot camps and one on one PT sessions. The training methods used have massively improved my fitness and stamina and has enabled me to set clear goals on what I want to achieve. It’s the first time in over 15 years that I’ve been under 16 stone. I recently weighed-in at 15 stone 13lb from 20 stone 5lb when i first started training with James. The feeling is immense and I can’t wait to break the 14 stone mark. I know I keep mentioning it, but thank you for your support and guidance. Not many people have influenced me more than you in my life (apart from direct family). You have saved my life from long term illness and problems. Everyone is so friendly and supportive, and makes the training sessions even better. I highly recommend A Unique Physique to people of all fitness levels who are looking to improve their overall health and fitness.

Ben Lawrie-Raison -

Not for the light hearted, but a truly good work out. Really good instructions on the workouts and always encouraging you to push yourself, for me gets great results. If you are looking to get your sorry bum of the couch and find the best form of you, then there really is no other bootcamp or gym instructor that comes close. I would highly recommend giving it a go, like me, it could be the best decision you’ve made in a long time.

Salwa Tunio -

I started James’s bootcamp over the summer. What can I say for someone who absolutely hates working out I started attending bootcamp 3 times a week alongside 1 PT! And no it’s not his charming personality that brought me back (just kidding -that too)....it was the fun, friendly but most importantly the challenge of upping the game week in week out. I saw results very quickly and the routine became part of life. A UNIQUE PHYSIQUE brings very like minded people together. People really looking to dig deep and get the best out of them. I can’t thank James enough for providing such a fantastic platform to achieve goals. He provides support and constant guidance out of hours and is always a text/call away. His passion to make one achieve success is very admirable. I can’t recommend him and his bootcamp enough. If It can change me ..... it can change anyone!

Martin Hills -

I’ve been going to James’ bootcamp for a couple of months now and can only say how great they are! They’ve given me a new lease of ‘physical’ life and I come out of every session feeling fitter and stronger than when I entered! Yes, they are hard work but that’s what you pay your money for! James is great at guiding you through the incredible variety of activities and is always encouraging and pushing you to do your best! I’m now about to start 1-1 sessions to ensure my progression continues. I’d recommend the bootcamps and James to anybody who is serious about making a positive change and becoming a fitter, stronger and healthier person. How do I give more than 5 stars??!

Jonathan Lel -

Great workout. I always feel that I have had a good time during the bootcamps, even though we work hard.

Lucille Harris -

I contacted James just before last summer as I wanted to lose weight, tone up and get fitter. From the moment I first made contact I have found James to be very approachable and welcoming. He is very professional and is very knowledgeable in how to cater for people of all ages and abilities. I have attended both Pt sessions and bootcamp sessions. I took some time out towards the end of the year and decided to return at the beginning of this year. James was just as welcoming as before and made me feel at ease to restart training. His bootcamp sessions are great fun from start to finish and work every inch of your body. Week by week I am already starting to feel fitter and loosing the pounds. There is a great atmosphere and everyone who attends bootcamp are friendly and supportive. I look forward to seeing everyone week in week out. I am soooo glad I have found classes that actually make me enjoy exercising. I would recommend James PT or bootcamp to anyone. Five star all the way.

Jules Walker -

What can I say that’s not been said already? James is as chad as your Dad with more muscle than Vanish or Pledge! It’s like Troop Phys only with a chilled side and an occasional introduction to it "pays to be a winner". Being out the Adonis pose for about 14 years I felt the need to get back at it and jump in at the deep end. James not only encourages me he doesn’t see if I flash at a hot spoon either which is great! I have maxed out on a commitment for a 10 week programme and hope to squeeze into my size 10 red dress for the summer! After all every good Royal Marine has a varied wardrobe. On a serious note. An excellent instructor with the vision to vary and mix it up to test all levels and push all who attend in a motivational manner where one naturally digs deep and pulls that extra bit out the depths you didn’t know were there. Glad to be part of the programme!!

Felicity Vaughan -

Started James’s Bootcamp 6 weeks ago and love it! He guides you through all the exercises and makes sure you’re doing them correctly, all whilst educating us on the areas we’re working out. It’s different every week and I really feel like I’m getting fitter and exercising my whole body. It’s a great community, especially with the team challenge at the end of the session. Can’t recommend it enough!

Frankie Strong

Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to shape up, lose/gain weight or just improve your fitness, then look no further than James Haward. I started to train with James just 6 weeks ago with one PT session a week. I weighed 8st 3, I felt far to skinny and not feminine at all. I could not do a single sit up and thought he would laugh me out of the gym. But instead, he listened and together we put a plan in place to reach my goal weight of 9st, healthy curves! Well a mere 6 weeks later, hard work and encouragement from James I'm so pleased to say I've done it!!! Just when I thought there was nothing left to give, he helped me to "dig deep" and keep going and I can safely say the results have been worth it. Always on hand for diet and lifestyle advice and a gentle reminder of the goal in your "weak" moments. Thank you so much James, I could not have done this on my own. Best trainer around!!!!

Louisa Cuomo -

I have been training with James since December and the improvement in my strength surprises me every week. His forward thinking planning of each session is so noticeable. Having trained with other trainers who barely notice what your doing - I couldn’t recommend James more. My diet has improved thanks to James and I have even managed to get my husband off of the sofa for boot camp. Well done James!

Carley Ellner -

PT sessions with James have been nothing short of professional, well planned, fun & not to mention challenging. He always carries a cheeky grin when he knows he's pushed you to your limit & you're going to hurt in the morning! James has helped me overcome some personal barriers, physically & mentally (even in the short amount of time I've been going). I (&others) have noticed a positive change in my fitness & shape already. I can't wait to continue on this journey & hopefully walk down the isle with a new found confidence that I lost over 5 years ago! #letsdothis! #nopainnogain! #onemore! #feeltheburn! #youareyourlimit! #youareyourcompetition! #todayspainistomorrowsstrength! Highly recommended by me & many! Thanks James, good luck with your ever growing business! I have no doubt you'll continue to be a great success!! A Unique Physique is what I hope to have by the end of this! 

Louisa Ryan -

Loving James's Bootcamp! He is so friendly and welcoming as are all the other attendees. The work out leaves you aching for days and feeling like your whole body has had a thorough workout. I highly recommend coming along and trying for yourself. You won't be disappointed. Each week is different so always a new challenge.

Jane Collins -

I've been training with A Unique Physique at their West Kingsdown Bootcamp venue since the end of summer last year. I started training twice a week as part of a group session, which then increased to three sessions per week.  I really enjoyed the variety and challenges James puts into the sessions.  James is immensely passionate about what he does and his natural enthusiasm helped to relax my early worries surrounding my lack of fitness when I first started.  I have now taken on personal one-on-one PT sessions as well - I must be a glutton for punishment – but I just love it!  James takes the time to understand my needs and work with me to identify some goals to aim for as part of my training. Each goal is a challenge, and he has pushed me to work hard towards each one and been first to congratulate me on achieving success. James’ skills have helped me make significant improvements to my lifestyle; target weight loss/body fat reduction, diet, physical ability and my self-confidence have drastically improved. With his continued guidance, my attitude has transformed from "can't do" to "will do" and I have made fitness and exercise a routine part of my life. For me, it's reassuring knowing that he truly understands my fitness abilities and ambitions, and has been able to remind me how far I have come since he first started working with me, whenever I have needed a motivational boost.

James is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging (and somehow fun) - I believe he is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around. My fitness/stamina/recovery times have improved noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights and generally push myself harder throughout each session. I really look forward to my workouts.  Importantly, James ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries.

I thoroughly enjoy working out in the outdoor environment during the warmer months, and would recommend James to anyone.  If motivation, flexibility, and a personal approach is what you are looking for, then James is the man for you – you also become part of a wonderful “Bootcamp Family” that are so encouraging and supportive.  Everyone is different – we all have different goals, different weaknesses, different strengths…. James takes the time and puts in the effort to get to know his clients so that he can help them. He is full of life and positivity! Every workout is fun and you will push yourself and see results every week!

Sara Jeanes -

I joined in whilst visiting from Australia on holiday. Great team spirit, I was made to feel so welcome and I learned some new techniques. I would highly recommend.

Kamran Tunio -

Fun boot camps, with a proper workout involved. Thanks James for getting the most out of us and making it rewarding to be involved.

Sam Millner - 

Great fun. A great workout. Best way to start off your Sunday feeling good. Also it's a great way to meet the neighbours! Couldn't recommend enough!

Sunit Patel -

Love this Bootcamp! James mixes it up every week with different exercises, team games and really makes you work up a sweat. Already looking to increase my sessions with him as it's an enjoyable experience.

Shabina Ahmad -

6 weeks ago I joined A Unique Physique in order to refocus on my fitness goals and take back control of my diet.
With a mixture of personal training and boot camp sessions I noticed a stark improvement within 3 weeks. Better technique, much improved fitness, greater confidence and notably control of my eating habits.
Both the boot camp and personal training session are fresh, fun, and challenging. Whilst I love the Group sessions the PT sessions are the highlight of my week.
James offers unlimited support and has the patience of a saint. His advice has been invaluable and second to none. When I have fallen off the wagon I have been met with words of encouragement and not a telling-off.
Despite injury James was able to tailor sessions to meet my rehabilitation needs meaning I didn’t have to miss a single session.
6 weeks on I have lost 5.5kg, 3.3% of body fat and inches all over. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks hold. 

Michael Nolan -

Been attending James's bootcamps for a couple of months now. They are very enjoyable and a great way to better your fitness. James really knows his stuff and has a great group of people participating every week.

Rachel Jones -

I started doing bootcamp with James 4 months ago! I can’t give it enough stars as it only lets me give 5! At A Unique Physique your not just a number on a bib! Your part of a wonderful fitness family! Everyone supports and encourages each other. Every session is different and equality as tough as the one before. You train hard but at the same time you enjoy it!  I started as the most unfit  out of all that go and try my hardest to keep up with everyone. It truly is a unique training experience! I go 3 times a week and have lost 9kg in total so far (1.4 stone), and a dress and half in size. Not to mention the improved quality of life, healthier eating and I can keep up with my kids now without getting tired or out of breath.  I can’t thank James enough for all the support and motivation he gives me every single time. I would highly recommend James and A Unique Physique to everyone!

Andrew Fletcher -

Top class, being an ex Royal marine and a highly qualified personnel trainer James really knows his stuff. Will never ask you to do something he can't do himself. He will help to motivate you to be the best you can be with your body and mind.

Clare Whittaker -

I started personal training with A Unique Physique 8 weeks ago. I have lost nearly 8 inches from my waist in that short amount of time by doing 1 P.T session and 3 boot camps per week.

My husband, who is a lot fitter than me (he runs marathons - whereas I just run to the cake shop and back ) also joined at the same time. He has lost a stone in weight and reduced his body fat from 19.8% to 15.1% in 8 weeks.

Jennifer Lee -

James has been personal training me for 2 months now and I'm loving it! I have lost an inch off my waist got rid of what looked like disgusting cellulite forming on my legs and got my strength back! James is fun, friendly and really puts everything in to his sessions I can not recommend him highly enough, I have had many different trainers over the years and james tops the lot! Can't wait to get back from hols and start again! Thanks a million james I'll feel great in Vegas!

Wendy Randall -

James' classes are amazing- so motivating and good fun too! He changes them for every session so you wont ever find yourself doing the same old stuff , or getting bored of it ! I reccomend these classes to everyone and anyone ! Definitely worth trying !!

Lee Askew - 

I've known James along time and if there's anyone that'll get you the way you want to look then it's him. Never met anyone with such a passion for training. Guaranteed results.

Carol Haward -

I really enjoyed the Royal Marine Boot Camp. This is completely different to what I am used to, such a refreshing change to do something different.

Luke Rogers -

Best most motivating coach I have ever seen and heard of !!

Sabina Ramburuth -

A great all over work out - so much variety and really fun too. The whole work out had something for everyone and you can go hard if you want or take it easy if you prefer - dummy runs, rope climb, kettle bells, power wave bags, tug of war you name it - its there! One of the most creative and fun boot camps I've been to.

Stephen Gemmell -

A well organized and run session giving a full body work out.

Michelle Clare Blackaby -

James is great trainer. This was my 1st time tonight everyone was so friendly. Will be back next week!

Kirstin Terry -

People need to get on this boot camp.. pure class and enjoyment....