Shabina Ahmad -

6 weeks ago I joined A Unique Physique in order to refocus on my fitness goals and take back control of my diet.
With a mixture of personal training and boot camp sessions I noticed a stark improvement within 3 weeks. Better technique, much improved fitness, greater confidence and notably control of my eating habits.
Both the boot camp and personal training session are fresh, fun, and challenging. Whilst I love the Group sessions the PT sessions are the highlight of my week.
James offers unlimited support and has the patience of a saint. His advice has been invaluable and second to none. When I have fallen off the wagon I have been met with words of encouragement and not a telling-off.
Despite injury James was able to tailor sessions to meet my rehabilitation needs meaning I didn’t have to miss a single session.
6 weeks on I have lost 5.5kg, 3.3% of body fat and inches all over. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks hold. 

Michael Nolan -

Been attending James's bootcamps for a couple of months now. They are very enjoyable and a great way to better your fitness. James really knows his stuff and has a great group of people participating every week.

Rachel Jones -

I started doing bootcamp with James 4 months ago! I can’t give it enough stars as it only lets me give 5! At A Unique Physique your not just a number on a bib! Your part of a wonderful fitness family! Everyone supports and encourages each other. Every session is different and equality as tough as the one before. You train hard but at the same time you enjoy it!  I started as the most unfit  out of all that go and try my hardest to keep up with everyone. It truly is a unique training experience! I go 3 times a week and have lost 9kg in total so far (1.4 stone), and a dress and half in size. Not to mention the improved quality of life, healthier eating and I can keep up with my kids now without getting tired or out of breath.  I can’t thank James enough for all the support and motivation he gives me every single time. I would highly recommend James and A Unique Physique to everyone!

Andrew Fletcher -

Top class, being an ex Royal marine and a highly qualified personnel trainer James really knows his stuff. Will never ask you to do something he can't do himself. He will help to motivate you to be the best you can be with your body and mind.

Clare Whittaker -

I started personal training with A Unique Physique 8 weeks ago. I have lost nearly 8 inches from my waist in that short amount of time by doing 1 P.T session and 3 boot camps per week.

My husband, who is a lot fitter than me (he runs marathons - whereas I just run to the cake shop and back ) also joined at the same time. He has lost a stone in weight and reduced his body fat from 19.8% to 15.1% in 8 weeks.

Jennifer Lee -

James has been personal training me for 2 months now and I'm loving it! I have lost an inch off my waist got rid of what looked like disgusting cellulite forming on my legs and got my strength back! James is fun, friendly and really puts everything in to his sessions I can not recommend him highly enough, I have had many different trainers over the years and james tops the lot! Can't wait to get back from hols and start again! Thanks a million james I'll feel great in Vegas!

Wendy Randall -

James' classes are amazing- so motivating and good fun too! He changes them for every session so you wont ever find yourself doing the same old stuff , or getting bored of it ! I reccomend these classes to everyone and anyone ! Definitely worth trying !!

Lee Askew - 

I've known James along time and if there's anyone that'll get you the way you want to look then it's him. Never met anyone with such a passion for training. Guaranteed results.

Carol Haward -

I really enjoyed the Royal Marine Boot Camp. This is completely different to what I am used to, such a refreshing change to do something different.

Luke Rogers -

Best most motivating coach I have ever seen and heard of !!

Sabina Ramburuth -

A great all over work out - so much variety and really fun too. The whole work out had something for everyone and you can go hard if you want or take it easy if you prefer - dummy runs, rope climb, kettle bells, power wave bags, tug of war you name it - its there! One of the most creative and fun boot camps I've been to.

Stephen Gemmell -

A well organized and run session giving a full body work out.

Michelle Clare Blackaby -

James is great trainer. This was my 1st time tonight everyone was so friendly. Will be back next week!

Kirstin Terry -

People need to get on this boot camp.. pure class and enjoyment....